Hydrotherapy can be used independently or to complement traditional land-based physiotherapy.
About Hydrotherapy

Hydrotherapy (Aquatic Therapy ) is a physiotherapy programme utilising the properties of water. The program is designed by a suitably qualified Physiotherapist and it is specific for an individual to maximise function. Treatments are carried out by appropriately trained personnel, in a purpose- built Hydrotherapy Pool which is heated to a thermoneutral water temperature of 34.5 C.

Hydrotherapy treatment can be provided on a one-to-one basis or as part of a group with direct assistance from a qualified Chartered Physiotherapist during your session. Hydrotherapy can be used independently or to complement traditional land-based physiotherapy.

Hydrotherapy uses buoyancy of the water to support your weight, reduce the pain and stress on the body and enable greater freedom of movement.

It also uses the drag force- resistive effect of the water to increase joints range of motion, strengthen the muscles and increase in proprioceptive input. Warm water also facilitates relaxation and increases blood flow. Water therapy can also help you function at levels not possible on land, without fear of falling, which affords physical gains and positive reinforcement.

Benefits of Hydrotherapy
  • Early management after acute injury/ surgical procedure
  • Reduction of stress and strain on the body
  • Graded and safe exposure to functional movement patterns as a preparation for further land- based rehab
  • Acceleration of gait re- education after acute injury/ surgical procedure
  • Pain relief
  • Increases strength and range of movement
  • Reducing/ preventing fear avoidance of movement
  • Improving balance and coordination
  • Increase in blood circulation
  • Reduction of swelling/ oedema
  • Improved self- confidence and self esteem
  • Increased acceptance towards postsurgical body image
  • Enhanced independence, mental well- being and relaxation


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Aqua Natal Programme

Water based exercise programme for Pregnant Women

Our Aqua Natal classes were created specially with expecting women in mind. They are carried out in a thermoneutral water temperature Hydrotherapy Pool. Classes are conducted by a qualified aquatic therapist and offer pregnant women an opportunity to exercise safely and to maximum effect from weeks 20 – 40 of pregnancy.

Designed to maintain healthy fitness levels throughout pregnancy. During Aqua-Natal classes expectant mothers will prepare their body for labour and experience the joy and fun of water exercises.

Please note:

Participants must be a minimum of 20 weeks pregnant and a GP Medical Declaration. provided by the arena clinic, must be filled in by your GP prior to you attending the class.

Maximum 5 participants per class. Classes are subject to demand. Courses are bookable by the arena clinic online booking system. Places cannot be reserved unless full payment has been received. Courses are non- refundable and non- transferable. Classes fill on a first come first served basis.


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