Clinical Mat & Reformer Pilates classes are aimed at strengthening the core and pelvic floor, improving bone density and improving flexibility and balance.

Pilates is a safe and effective exercise class that is aimed at strengthening the core and pelvic floor, improving bone density and improving flexibility and balance. For this reason it is successful for injury prevention and rehabilitation.

We offer both Reformer Pilates and Mat Pilates classes. The Reformer is a bed with pulleys attached. It facilitates you as you move which makes it ideal for beginners. It is risen from the floor to help you get on and off and it is designed to help you to exercise in a functional way. It can also be used to help you or to challenge you, it’s extremely versatile so we utilise it a lot.

Our mat pilates classes are great if you want to implement practice at home too. They can compliment prescribed exercise plans and just like the reformer they can be used as an injury prevention tool, or for general fitness to improve body tone and strength.

Our classes are small groups to allow the physiotherapist to ensure you are completing the movements correctly. We also offer one-to-one sessions and family group courses.

Our experienced Physiotherapists will be able to help you reach your goals no matter what level you are at.

Clinical Reformer Pilates

***Currently Not Running***

Reformer Pilates is spring-based resistance training which challenges and develops muscle strength, flexibility, balance and improves bone density. We teach clients how to correctly engage core and pelvic floor muscles while carrying out a series of whole-body exercises. Small classes mean that your instructor will be able to safely monitor your form and technique to ensure you are safe and getting the most out of the class.

The spring-based resistance will be modified to suit your individual ability and strength. As you improve we will continually challenge you by changing the resistance on the reformer and reducing your base of support – which means you gradually and safely learn to control your movements with your core and with better alignment and posture.

All new participants are required to complete a one-to-one assessment by one of our chartered physiotherapists prior to booking a Clinical Reformer Pilates course. Once you complete a one-to-one assessment, you can book into one of our courses (subject to availability).

Course Schedule:

  • Monday’s: 10:00 – Intermediate
  • Monday’s: 11:00 – Beginner
  • Tuesday’s: 17:00 – Beginner
  • Wednesday’s: 10:00 – Beginner
  • Wednesday’s: 13:00 – Beginner
  • Friday’s: 10:00 – Beginner

Costs: €100 (5-week course) / €120 (6-week course)

Who can benefit from clinical reformer Pilates?

Those who have:

  • Lower back pain
  • Previous back surgery
  • Posture-related niggles and pains
  • Osteoporosis
  • Osteoarthritis

How do clinical reformer Pilates classes differ from general reformer Pilates classes?

  • Physiotherapist-led classes
  • Physiotherapy knowledge and expertise for exercising with various injuries and conditions
  • Modifications of exercises to suit various injuries and conditions
  • Slower-paced classes with a focus on control and body awareness
  • Emphasis on core and posture
Clinical Mat Pilates

***Currently Not Running***

the arena clinic offer small Clinical Pilates classes which are led by our chartered physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy led Pilates classes are specifically tailored for those who are prone to neck or low back pain and those who wish to prevent the onset of back or neck pain. Research supports the use of Pilates exercise in the treatment of acute and chronic back and neck pain.

The main theme of the class is maintaining a central core of stability in the region around the lower back, pelvis, neck and shoulders.

Our Chartered Physiotherapists are experienced in dealing with people who suffer with back and neck pain. Attending physiotherapy led Pilates classes means that you will also be gaining from the knowledge of our physiotherapists who have vast clinical knowledge.

Our physiotherapists can tailor the rehabilitation exercises to you.