Andrew Burns

Andrew joined the Mardyke Arena UCC in 2010 as a member of the Activity Staff. In 2013 he established the Arena’s Cardiac Rehabilitation programme, which to date has helped over 250 patients with a history cardiovascular disease access exercise and continue their rehabilitation after leaving hospital. Andrew has a particular interest in the use of technology in exercise promotion and adherence.

Andrew sees patients with injuries or chronic illnesses in one to one “step back” appointments in the gym to prescribe and supervise independent exercise to allow these patients to move from rehabilitation in the arena clinic to independent physical activity.

Andrew has previously been a council member of the IACR (Irish Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation 2017 – 2019) with specific responsibilities for the development of Phase IV Cardiac Rehabilitation members and services.

Andrew has run 7 marathons and is passionate about public health and bringing the benefits of physical activity to those who need it most.